Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rainfall comparisions

It may be hard to recall that earlier this spring, we were creating graphics talking about how dry the start to the year had been. Maybe you remember the headline "driest start to any year since the dust bowl". Amazing how things have turned around for us here in Kansas. The numbers I'm posting are for Wichita, but the story is basically the same for a good chunk of the state. Extremely dry conditions to start the year and now all of a sudden, we are making up for lost time.

                        2011                      2012                     2013                     2014
Jan               0.34"                   0.03"                  0.57"                   0.13"
Feb               1.39"                   3.57"                 2.45"                    0.86"
March          0.97"                   4.03"                 2.45"                    0.49"
April             1.46"                   5.24"                 3.47"                    0.53"            
May             2.45"                    2.10"                5.42"                    4.06"
June             4.73"                    2.55"                1.83"                    8.56"

Those are the monthly rainfall amounts for the first 6 months of the year over the last 4 years. It's crazy to think we've had about 40% of our annual rainfall in the last 6 or 7 weeks. Most of the heavier rains didn't start up until late May, and have been steady through June. In the blog tomorrow, we will be comparing drought maps from different weeks to see how much improvement we are really making.

Possible rain amounts between now and Friday evening
I know there are still areas out there that need rain, but until the wheat harvest is complete, some dry weather would be okay for a little while now. Some of the storms in the next day or two could produce some very heavy downpours, but overall, most areas can expect less than .50" of rain between now and Friday evening.

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