Friday, June 27, 2014

Weekend storms

Always feels good to get to the end of the week and in summertime, I know most of you have a lot planned for the weekend. My family is chomping at the bit to get back into the harvest field (as many farmers are) but storm chances over the weekend will likely mess things up a bit. It's frustrating. We don't want to complain about the rain, but the timing is likely to interfere with some of your outdoor plans for sure.
storms headed east this morning
So here is what we are looking at. As I write this entry, there are a few storms across northern Kansas that are headed east and won't likely be a huge factor in today's forecast.
The beginning of more storms heading into Friday night

Storms are expected to develop once again in western Kansas and eastern Colorado and move east heading into Friday night. There will be a chance during the evening hours of some severe storms, but as it moves east, heavy rainfall and gusty winds will be the main threat.

Saturday brings another chance for storms, but the focus will be over the eastern half of the state. And there could be both morning and afternoon storms. So timing on Saturday is a bit in question, but I expect that south and east of the front drawn on the map, that's where the best chances for storms will be heading into the afternoon.
Highest chances for storms Saturday will be over central and eastern Kansas

Sunday will be hot and dry for much of the state. Highs will be going back into the 90s and that's the kind of weather I know farmers would like to have. Of course, not for the rest of the summer, but for a little while, it would be okay. Hope everyone has a safe weekend.
Be prepared for some severe storms Saturday afternoon and evening

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