Monday, June 30, 2014

Stormy end to June - nice start to July

Here we are at the start of another week and it's a short week for many with the 4th of July coming up Friday. We are going to get the severe weather out of the way today and tonight, and then watch things settle down the rest of the week.

Let's look at the setup for today. A cold front will be running into some very thick humidity and it looks like after 6 or 7 p.m. tonight, storms will start to develop right along the front. Because of the high humidity and very warm temperatures today, the main threat with severe storms will be some very large hail. The high humidity will also lead to more heavy rainfall. There is a moderate risk of severe weather over northern Missouri, where some tornadoes are even possible late in the afternoon. But, this should be the last of the severe weather that we will have for the week.

Pattern for Wednesday evening showing the hottest weather will be off to the south and west
The pattern is about to shift with some drier and milder air filtering south by midweek. I think our humidity will come down some and highs in the 80s will make for a really nice start to July. Of course, when you consider how hot some of our recent summers have been, we are not going to see anything like that heading into July. Some of you have even asked when will those dreaded 100s show up again. I don't see anything like that coming our way for awhile. Sure, there could be days where the heat index may get that high, but with the recent rains and green vegetation once again, we should have a much easier time staying out of 100 degree territory for several days to come. That may be the best news of all heading into this holiday week, right. Have a good Monday.

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