Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Shifting to summertime storm mode

I think we are getting a reminder of what typical June weather is in Kansas. The heat, humidity, and occasional storms have been with us now for a few weeks. The last 3 years haven't been so generous in terms of rain, but this year, we seem to be getting a nice balance of all three.

We do have some chances for more storms coming up today across western Kansas. A few storms may contain some hail and gusty winds, but because the winds in the upper atmosphere are fairly weak, the likelihood of severe storms will be low for today.

There's still another chance for scattered storms coming up on Wednesday, especially in the central and eastern areas of the state. It's not the kind where everyone will see rain, but several areas will be close to storms during the afternoon and early evening hours.

Looking ahead to the end of the week and the pattern doesn't change a great deal. I think we will start to see things heat up a bit more, but because we don't have the huge "H" on the weather map parked right over Kansas (like the last few summers), we won't be getting out of the occasional storm chances yet. In fact, some of the computer models are indicating chances for Saturday evening storms and then maybe some more rain at the start of next week. Some dry weather would be good for the wheat harvest, but I'd hate to see the occasional rain stop anytime soon. I know it means more mowing for most of us, but it's great having green in our landscape this summer rather than everything burning up.

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