Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A few storms; big changes next week

Ahhhh, the cold front has moved through Kansas and you're stepping outside thinking to yourself, what cold front. It still feels like summer. The front isn't as strong as the one we will see move through on Sunday, but it does mean we should stay

out of the 100s for today. It was just a few summers ago, that was almost impossible to do.

Wichita 100 degree count for 2014 - 1 day (May 4 - High: 102)
**By this time in 2011, the count was up to 29 100 degree days

Salina 100 degree count for 2014 - 5 days
**By this time in 2011, the count was up to 22 100 degree days

Future Track for this afternoon indicating some storms mainly forming along the KS/OK state line
A few storms may develop this afternoon over southern Kansas, but I would expect most of the activity to be very spotty and once the storms pop up, they should move south into Oklahoma. Rain is definitely a good thing in July, but most of us will be dry through the afternoon.

weather pattern for Tuesday, July 29
Patterns definitely repeat themselves in meteorology. That can be a good thing and a bad thing of course. In this case, I think you'll be happy with what is expected for next week. A very similar type pattern is going to setup where the heat gets pushed back west of the Continental Divide, and much cooler, almost fall-like weather will be coming south. This is what happened last week when record cool temperatures were recorded over the area. Early indications are that while the temperatures will be cooler next week, it probably won't be record setting. However, just mentioning that our highs will dip back into the 80s by Monday and Tuesday seems to perk a lot of people up. There will be some rain next week too and right now, it looks like most of that will fall in western Kansas.

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