Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Storms on the way; big change coming

Anyone else feel like summer is going fast? July seems to be moving quickly, but then again, summer usually goes that way as most of us stay busy.

Forecast for storms at midnight tonight
Another round of storms is likely in Kansas late this evening and into the overnight. While some severe weather is possible this evening, I don't think we will have a widespread event. Some of the activity is going to develop in Nebraska and all of the storms should move southeast through the night. You just can't complain about rain in July, but I know this will cause some issues with the wheat harvest in western Kansas. 
Average highs reach the peak next week
I mentioned this yesterday in the blog, but next week (on average), we will be entering the hottest part of the year. Our average high jumps to 93 and it stays there for almost 2 weeks. 

Weather pattern shift coming next week, resulting in MUCH cooler temperatures
But sometimes the weather doesn't always behave like it's supposed to. And next week will be a good example of that. Just as we enter what is supposed to be the hottest point of the year, we will see a HUGE swath of cool air coming down from the north. There is a low pressure that will setup near the Great Lakes and send the unseasonably cool air down to Kansas. It will likely begin Tuesday and last for several days next week. I guess this may be bad news for kids that want to go swimming, but the rest of us will probably enjoy giving our air conditioners a break and saving some extra money. It's definitely something we will be talking about as it gets closer. 

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