Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rainfall totals and almost time for goodbye

How much rain have you had this week? The totals haven't been quite as impressive as the temperatures, but then again, we weren't forecasting any big amounts around the area. We did have some areas of southwest Kansas get an inch of rain yesterday, and that is sometimes impossible in July. So we are grateful for the moisture (even if just a little bit of it) and these temperatures are just amazing.

Rain totals ending at 7 a.m. today:
Dodge City: 1.13"
Elkhart: 0.91"
Hill City: 0.91"
Pratt: 0.60"
Medicine Lodge: 0.55"
Great Bend: 0.40"
Russell: 0.39"
Winfield: 0.18"
Liberal: 0.17"
Wichita: 0.04"
Jabara Airport: 0.02"
Goodland: 0.02"
Garden City: 0.01"
Hutch: Trace

I'm posting a map to show our average hottest period of the year. Keep in mind, the average high right now is 93 and it stays there until about July 28 or 29, and then it drops to 92. Interesting to see how you go farther south and east and the peak of the summer heat occurs later in August. 

Pattern heading into next week. Typical for July
The hot forecast is sort of like tax season. You can put it off only for so long, but at some point, it will find you and you'll have to face the facts. Well, that's what's happening with the shifting weather pattern and the return of the July heat. We know it's coming! It's just a matter of time. By the end of the weekend, the dome of high pressure begins to expand from New Mexico, and that will allow for the hotter temperatures to spread out into the central Plains. The monsoon moisture continues to rotate up the backside of the high pressure across Arizona and much of the desert areas. Some of that moisture may get drawn into Kansas early next week, which could lead to some storm chances. We will take another look later today, but wouldn't be surprised to have some thunderstorms around either Monday night or Tuesday. But the summer heat will be back before then

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