Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rainfall totals and drought update

Rain continues to move from west to east across Kansas this morning. Throughout the week, the computer models have been showing the heaviest of the rain would end up across southwest Kansas, and that's exactly where it is this morning. Some areas that have struggled to get any rain the last few years continue to get moisture this year, and what a welcome change. Here are the rainfall totals through 7 a.m. this morning:
Garden City: 1.73"
Dodge City: 0.80"
Smith Center: 0.69"
Liberal: 0.61"
Pratt: 0.42"
Elkhart: 0.36"
Goodland: 0.26"
Medicine Lodge: 0.22"

July 22nd drought monitor
Just a quick update on the drought here in Kansas. It does continue even after all of the rainfall we had in June. The moisture hasn't been quite as generous in July, and some areas now are falling a little behind for the year. But looking into August, the weather pattern looks like it will stay active, providing us with more opportunities for rain and storms. It is nice to see that there are no longer any "exceptional" drought areas covering Kansas, and even in places where we still have the severe drought classification, those areas have been getting moisture. 

Warming trend into the weekend
The forecast for Thursday and into the weekend looks dry and warmer. I think we've all can agree, temperatures could be much, much hotter heading into August, but for now, low 90s is about all the warmer we think it will get. 

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