Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Welcome July rains

7 a.m. current temperatures
Good Wednesday morning. Isn't this weather amazing for July? The regional temperature map does not look anything like one for July 16th. So here are some of the funny comments I've heard from people in the last 24 hours.

"This weather makes me think about finding a Halloween costume and getting ready to Christmas shop"
"The cool weather has me ready for fall, but I haven't had enough camping and boating time"
"I'm sleeping with my windows open... in July of all months"

Satellite/radar shows the approaching system from Wyoming
There is a storm system tracking from Wyoming toward Kansas, and some of the higher amounts of rain will be in western Kansas (and more specifically, the southwest) where up to an inch of rain may fall by the end of Thursday. This is not a severe weather setup, mainly because of the cool temperatures. The cooler the air, the less likely it will be for severe storms, and that's what we are dealing with today and tomorrow.
Our Future Track model shows the better rain chances over the west heading into tonight.

Rain chances continue into Wednesday night, especially for the west
Tomorrow we will start focusing on the return of July heat. All good things must end, right? Well, it is July after all, and the huge dome of high pressure that typically shows up at this time of the year should be back for the end of the weekend. That will likely lead to hotter weather. But, it also looks like we could get some monsoon moisture coming this way too. We will focus on that tomorrow. Have a great day!!
Temperature trend is definitely up after Thursday

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Anonymous said...

HI Ross & Millie! I think you both do an excellent job on KWCH & always enjoy seeing your forecast. I especially appreciate it that you are calm, no matter the weather rather than freaking out like I am! :)

Best Wishes Always!

BTW Ross, My 24 year old daughter is single, no baggage. ??? :)

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