Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekend storms & rain forecast for next week

Happy Friday everyone. Do you have big plans for the weekend? Hopefully your plans include some way of beating the heat. Today and tomorrow could be some of the hottest weather we've had all year, but it's a little easier talking about the heat when you know it will get followed up with highs in the 80s.

One of the biggest forecasting challenges for tonight and tomorrow is figuring out where the best chances for storms will setup. I don't think we will have widespread rainfall this weekend, but there should be a few storms in Kansas.
A few storms may move across western Kansas Friday evening

Tonight, there could be some spotty storms across the far west, but I would expect after sunset the chances will fade as the atmosphere begins cooling down.

Watching for some storms Saturday evening across the west
Saturday afternoon and evening will bring another chance for some scattered storms to west-central and southwest Kansas. And another area that may have some storms would be in northeast Kansas. Anything that does develop should move southeast.

The cold front will come through Sunday morning, and next week we can expect highs in the 80s AND lower humidity. We've just been spoiled this summer, but then again as my co-worker Michael Schwanke pointed out, after the summer of 2011, we've earned this kind of weather.

Heaviest rainfall next week is targeting southwest Kansas. Have a great weekend. Millie and I will be back on the air Sunday evening.
A bulls-eye of heavy rain is looking more and more likely for southwest Kansas next week

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