Monday, October 26, 2015

Close call for World Series Game 1 - next big system develops

courtesy KMBC
Game 1 of the World Series gets underway Tuesday evening and it's going to be a close call on rain. It will likely rain in Kansas City Tuesday morning and afternoon, but there is a system coming from the west that should shove most of the rain east of Kauffman Stadium in time for first pitch. The clouds will likely linger for most of the game, but the measurable (delay causing kind of rain) will be over. 

Where will the next storm system setup? This is going to dictate who gets the rain and who will be missed. The forecast models both indicate there will be a storm system to watch by Thursday/Friday/Halloween, but they don't agree on where it will set up. 

One model keeps most of the heavier rainfall to the south of Kansas, with just a few showers passing through on Friday.
Other computer models are holding the rain back until later in the weekend. So the uncertainty is what keeps us from truly knowing what the weather will be like for Halloween. 

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