Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rain arrives & possible frost looming next week

This has been a very warm month of October and with just 10 days left, I did some checking on the average temperature. Despite the fact that we've had some record highs and a handful of days in the 90s, our average high of 65.5 doesn't even crack the top 15 warmest Octobers on record. The cooler night temperatures have helped to offset the very warm, afternoon highs. Although we expect highs to stay near or slightly above normal for another 4 or 5 days, it's not going to be enough to boost the average much. 

We will come back to temperatures in just a second, but in the short term, get ready for rain. A large storm system is moving in from the southwest. Satellite images show the core of the storm still over the Southwest. Intense areas of upward motion (what you need to have in order to get rain) is still off to our west, but it's coming this way. The atmosphere is loading up with moisture and we are all set to get a nice soaking from now to early Friday. It's snowing above 9,000 feet in the mountains. There's no chance any of our rain in Kansas will turn to snow. It's WAY too warm for that.

Snowing at Wolf Creek Pass - Colorado
Next week, a much stronger cold front will plow through on Tuesday. That particular front is coming from Canada, so a quick shot of colder air may dive in for the middle of the week. Frosty temperatures are certainly possible early Wednesday morning. It doesn't look like a hard freeze at this time, but many areas will likely fall into the 30s for lows during the middle of the week. Time to start thinking about draining garden hoses and getting our homes ready for winter. 

The weather pattern continues to look rather active for the next 10-15 days, so keep checking back in to see what it will mean for Kansas as we move into November. October has definitely gone by quickly.

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