Friday, October 23, 2015

Major Pacific hurricane - pattern calming for now

Hurricane Patricia from space - Winds are near 200 mph
It's the strongest hurricane in the eastern north Pacific on record and it will make landfall later today (Friday). It will end up just south of Puerto Vallarta and likely have winds around 200 mph. That is a very strong Category 5. Once it runs into the mountains over Mexico, it will die very quickly, but the leftover moisture will keep moving northeast and bring major flooding to Texas this weekend. There could be up to 15 inches of rain just north of Houston. 

Much of central and eastern Kansas was missed by the rain on Thursday, so now the question becomes when will we see the next chance. 

This weekend:
The pattern looks fairly quiet around Kansas both Saturday and Sunday. We will have some cool, typical fall weather around for the weekend, but no chance for any rain. 

Early next week:
An approaching storm system coming in for Tuesday should bring some scattered rain back to the area, but it doesn't look like much. The question will be, how much moisture does Patricia rob as the leftover system moves across the southeastern US. So we can't get overly excited about the system yet, but that's the next chance for us to see rain. Have a wonderful weekend. 

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