Monday, October 12, 2015

Stubborn pattern - change down the road

courtesy of Karen - from Ellis Co.
Welcome to Monday everyone. So far, the month of October has been rather uneventful for much of Kansas. We did see record high temperatures on Sunday with Hill City getting to 97. Unbelievable for the month of October, but definitely not unheard of. 

What is going on with this very dry, warm stretch of weather? The jet stream is a fast flow of wind aloft (roughly 30,000 feet and higher) that is moving at 80-100 mph and getting stronger at this time of the year. This fast flow of wind is coming down from the northern Plains and across the Great Lakes region. So the active storm track is staying well north of Kansas and there's no moisture around to help bring rain to Kansas

Our first cold front of the week has already moved through. So temperatures will be cooler today, but still above normal for mid October (72 would be considered average) A much stronger push of cooler air will be coming by Friday. Highs will be going below normal into the weekend, but once again, still looking dry!

The pattern begins to shift around over the weekend with our storm track becoming more west/southwesterly early next week. Although we don't have any big storm systems on the horizon, the possibility of rain looks to increase some during the 3rd full week of October. There could be a couple of systems coming through our area next week, but details aren't very clear right now. It doesn't look like snow or anything out of the ordinary, but updates will be coming.

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That photo from Ellis County is beautiful!

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