Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March stats & what to expect this month

March comes in like a tame cat rather than a lion. This is a month that is typically known for some wild weather in Kansas. Sometimes, it's a severe weather outbreak and other times, it can be a historic blizzard. March 1st also marks the start of meteorologic spring!

The normal high for the start of the month is 53 and it will jump 10 degrees by the end of the month. But we've been so far above normal the last several weeks that normal highs don't really mean much now. Unseasonably warm temperatures look like they will continue.

Early next week, there will be a big shift in the weather patter, and as the upper level winds turn back to the southwest. Gulf of Mexico moisture starts to push north and we SHOULD have some much better chances for rain in the Tuesday - Thursday time frame.

Today - March 5: Fairly quiet weather with more ups and downs in temperatures
March 6 - 10: Active weather likely - rain & some thunder in the Plains. Very unlikely to have snow
March 11 - 14: Looking quiet - milder
March 15 - 18: More active weather in the Plains - rain chances increase
March 19 - 23: Chilly stretch of weather but likely dry
March 24 - 31: Milder weather and mainly dry

Looks like this was the year for early spring. We will be watching these next few weeks for the active weather to return to the Plains.

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Stonebargn said...

Thanks Ross, sure helps with scheduling early garden planting times.

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