Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Flooding continues - major action in the tropics

Flooding rains are about to end in Kansas after 4 days in a row with heavy downpours. We've had a relentless flow of monsoon moisture coming right over our area. The storms that develop are tropical in nature, and dump buckets of rain in such a short amount of time. But drier air is on the way and after today (Wednesday), the rain chances will be over for awhile. Yes! We finally have a change on the way.

Take a look at some of the flooding from Ellsworth county Wednesday morning. Several roads are under water, but things will begin to improve shortly. Photos courtesy Kendra Ploutz.

Thursday/Friday: Lower humidity and highs mainly in the 80s.

Saturday/Sunday: Dry, windy, and warmer - An isolated storm possible for the NW

Tropics Update: The big island of Hawaii (Hilo) has never been hit by a hurricane (in recorded history). But will Madeline be the first land falling hurricane there? It is weakening now, and if it hits Hawaii, it will likely be a Category 1 hurricane with winds just over 74 mph. A second storm, Lester, looks to move closer to Hawaii by the weekend. This storm will likely curve and move to the northwest of the islands.

Tropical depression 9 will likely become Tropical Storm Hermine today! It's been churning in the Gulf now for more than 24 hours, and it's finally getting it's act together. It is not expected to reach hurricane strength, but it will be close. Hurricane watches are out for the panhandle of Florida as the storm moves closer. This system will then slide up part of the eastern US over the holiday weekend.

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