Friday, October 21, 2016

Quiet weekend, then a chance for rain

We have a sunny and milder forecast on the way for the weekend. Last week at this time, we were preparing for a return to summer (as you may recall, record highs were set on Sunday and Monday) Even though the weather pattern is about to change and allow warm weather to come back, it won't be record setting.

Dodge City National Weather Service posted this image yesterday on Twitter. I love these rainfall summary maps because they clearly show who's been missed by the moisture. And the southwest needs rain again to help get the wheat going. The chance for rain on Tuesday (Oct 25) will be with a weak low pressure system and a cold front coming through the state. Even though the Gulf of Mexico moisture will be flowing north, it doesn't look like western Kansas will see much from this chance for rain. Rainfall amounts might be close to .50" in some spots, but we will need to watch a few more model runs before we can really say for sure how much we'll get.

NOAA issues their winter outlook:
Another winter forecast was released yesterday from NOAA, so you might see this come up in your social feed somewhere. It doesn't tell us anything for Kansas, but does suggest the south will be warm and the north will be cold. They are also calling for wet weather in the northern Rockies, with drought conditions continuing across southern California.

We are still piecing together information for our winter forecast that will be coming out on November 7th. Long range forecasting is tough, but I'll share with you as much as I know to help you prepare for the winter season.

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