Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Signs of winter - but summer weather isn't over

Just an incredible change in the weather for today! Hopefully you were prepared for it as some places will be more than 30 degrees cooler than yesterday. Liberal hit 90 Tuesday afternoon, but that will be a distant memory with the strong north winds bringing fall weather back.

The weather change we are feeling today led to snow in Montana and North Dakota yesterday. There were a few places that picked up 3-4 inches, leading to slushy roads and an early taste of winter. It's not uncommon for the northern Plains to have some snow in October (after all, it's not uncommon for northwest Kansas to see some this month either)

Frost/Freeze concerns:
Central and northern Kansas should be on the lookout for mid 30s early Thursday, so cover your plants if you want to save them another day.

Are we done with summer?
Nope... not yet. Just take a look at the warmer air that comes surging back early next week. WOW! There's a chance we will see some 90s sneaking back into the southwest, while much of the state will be looking at 80s once again. We are definitely in transition and feels like Mother Nature can't decide what season she wants it to be.

Coming up at the end of this week, we will take a look into the 2nd half of October. Early signs point toward much chillier weather to close out the month... even stormy too. Hope you'll check back.

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