Friday, October 28, 2016

Record warmth/possible storm brewing/who is building snowmen?

Feels good to get to Friday, but is it spring or fall? Or summer? We thought there would be several warm spells this month, but I didn't think it would take over the ENTIRE month. Only 5 days this month with cooler than normal weather... crazy!

If you read the blog faithfully, you know that we've addressed the reason why it's so warm. We have a summer pattern in October. So why aren't we having more 90s and 100s. Bottom line is that the sun is much lower in the sky than it is in July or August. That's why it's not getting as hot right now as it would in July or August. But to have a massive high pressure system parked over New Mexico and Texas right now is just ridiculous (but not unheard of). While we deal with record warmth, snow has returned to the Great Lakes and the New England states. Check out the snowman just outside of the National Weather Service in Gaylord, MI.

Gaylord, MI

Here are the daily records for the rest of October:


  • Wichita: 83
  • Salina: 89
  • Russell: 84
  • Dodge City: 85
  • Garden City: 83
  • Goodland: 86
  • Wichita: 86
  • Salina: 93
  • Russell: 84
  • Dodge City: 88
  • Garden City: 92
  • Goodland: 90
  • Wichita: 88
  • Salina: 88
  • Russell: 88
  • Dodge City: 89
  • Garden City: 90
  • Goodland: 91
  • Wichita: 85
  • Salina: 85
  • Russell: 85
  • Dodge City: 87
  • Garden City: 88
  • Goodland: 87
GFS Model

European Model

Next Week:
The week will start out with incredible warmth as high temperatures will threaten records again for Halloween. But as is sometimes the case, just as we turn the calendar into November, the weather begins to change. Models are indicating a storm developing off to the southwest by Tuesday/Wednesday. Will it bring widespread moisture back to the area? The track will be key because if it ends up too far northwest, we won't get any rain at all. Let's watch the trend as we get closer in time.

Have a great weekend!

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