Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Goodbye heat - hello rain chances

Today (Wednesday) will likely be the hottest day we will have for the next few weeks. Just let that soak in while we discuss the rain chances today. Although not everyone is going to get rain (that's maybe the bad news), at least we have chances with our cold front coming on through the state.

4 p.m. Today

5:30 p.m. Today

Storms through the afternoon and evening will be spotty, and the least likely areas to get rain will be farther north (north of I-70)

There is another batch of rain that should move out of eastern Colorado later in the night, which should catch western Kansas early Thursday.

The HUGE heat dome continues to setup farther west, so we can expect the next 2 weeks to have below normal temperatures for much of Kansas. That means mostly highs in the 80s!! And there will be some off and on rain chances mainly for western Kansas. I think Friday night/Saturday night/Sunday have good chances for storms, mainly across the west. How far east they will get is unclear, but I'll update you when the forecast gets a little more clearer.

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