Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Storm chances are back - breaking the heat wave

The heat in Kansas is a little out of control, especially when you see how our numbers stack up to places that are notoriously hot in July. You know it's hot when your temperature is higher than Las Vegas or Phoenix. We still didn't have any record setting numbers, but let's not try for that benchmark.

Severe storms fired up yesterday in North Dakota with reports of tornadoes. Here's one picture from near Adams, ND (which is about 60 miles northwest of Grand Forks). There was even one report of a multi-vortex tornado, but no reports of major damage. Severe weather chances shift farther north in July as the jet stream winds move back toward the US/Canada border.

Our chances for storms will be increasing for the remainder of the week. Unfortunately, it's not a setup where everyone gets rain, but at least we have the possibilities.

Setup Today (Wednesday):
We expect a slow moving front to get into northern Kansas during the evening. The best chances for storms will once again be focused over NW Kansas. Some severe storms may develop early on, but they probably won't stay severe for too long. But if you can get some rain in July, it's usually very welcome considering how hot and dry this month usually is (and has been for some)

Setup Tomorrow:
Slow moving front in the area will keep very isolated storm chances around for another day. They will be fairly spotty, so try not to get your hopes up too high.

Rain chances continue on a hit/miss basis. It looks like highest chances will be focused in central and eastern Kansas. But once again, with no major fronts in the area or large storm systems coming through, the rain won't get to everyone.

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