Thursday, July 20, 2017

How much longer do we have to wait?

Welcome to Thursday and just 3 more days stand between us and our next possible change in Kansas weather. Our weather pattern is kinda stuck in neutral. Summer patterns are notorious for being slow to change because the upper level winds are so weak (they are less than 20 mph over Kansas).

Salina stat:
Currently tied for the 10th hottest on record! The average temperature is up to 84.9 and will likely go higher with more 100s coming to finish the week. Only one day this month has failed to have an above normal high.

Not even close to setting any records for heat this month. In fact, our average temperature doesn't even make the top 15 hottest, as our average temperature stands at 81.6°

Into the weekend:
The big heat dome is going to break down by Friday and slide east of Kansas. This will open the door for something to come in here and change the weather, even if just briefly.

The cold front should reach northwest Kansas by Saturday evening, bringing a chance for some storms. I'm not exactly sure how far south these will get, but let's watch the next couple of model runs to see what changes. I'd say if you are north of I-70 Saturday night, you have a decent shot at some rain.

It still looks like Sunday has a better chance for storms farther south, but not until the evening/nighttime hours. The front should be slow to move, and right now it looks like areas south of a Dodge City to Wichita line might have the best chances.

It's hard to be the messenger of bad news sometimes, but just look at what the computer data is telling us at the end of next week! The heat dome could be making a comeback! We will see.

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