Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mini heat wave ends - early look into August

We are having a mini heat wave this week, but it's about to end. And after going through all of the 100° weather from last week, I'm sure you are happy to hear that kind of news. The corn, milo, and soybeans could sure use a good drink of water too, which is something we are hopefully going to see as this mini heat wave ends.

This month has been really hard on the northern Plains where drought continues to expand and temperatures have just been WAY above normal. Parts of eastern Montana have an average high this month of 93.5° - not what you'd expect so far north. And the heat is going to continue to be a problem for the remainder of the summer. 

Cold front arriving Wednesday -
We still expect a front to move into Kansas and start producing more storms - some with heavy rains. Chances will likely ramp up after 5/6 p.m. The front is also going to help shove the blistering heat out of here.

What's to come heading into August?
The massive heat dome that was right over Kansas last week will be southwest of us this week. That means this:
  • Less heat
  • Increased rain chances

And look at this heading into August?
The heat dome should shift toward the west next week and we will likely end up with a stretch of more seasonal summer weather. As long as we can keep that giant "H" away from our state, we won't have to deal with as much blistering heat. 

First full week of August (around the 8th):
It's looking like the "H" is going to settle farther west out toward California, which if that happens, we will escape any potential of a heat wave. 

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