Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Busy Day & Snow Coming

I had a chance to help with the JASON project over on the WSU campus today. The JASON Project is a National Science Curriculum that is part of National Geographic, and this year the focus is on Monster Storms. The kids had a chance to watch a video on how scientists and meteorologists are trying to place instruments in the path of an oncoming tornado. So far, they haven't been successful, but acquiring measurements from inside of a tornado may answer some of the many questions that we still have about tornadoes. There were some pictures taken, and if I get a few of them soon, I'll post them.

Alright, so the countdown to spring rolls on, but we have another round of snow coming to Kansas Thursday. The heavies of the snow should end up over the eastern half of Kansas. My vehicle has been nice and clean for a few days, so I guess we are due for some messy weather now. Isn't there a concert Thursday night? Some lady by the name of Reba or Kelly. I'm a little jealous for those that will get to attend.

I really enjoy reading all of the conversations on here. It just makes the blogging more exciting and interesting for others to read. I am headed to a weather meeting in Great Bend for Wednesday. See you back on the air Saturday night... maybe with Millie.


Ty said...

Hey Ross,

We were starting to get a little full on the last blog, glad you started another one for us! Whats the largest number of comments you've had attached to one blog? Did we beat it with the 100th blog?

Well I spent almsot the entire day indoors, which considering the weather, I don't think I missed too much, but after a 12 hour shift and I am tired!

Marisa I hope you have fun at the concert on Thursday. I'm sure it will be GREAT! Melissa I work open until 2pm on Saturday, so probably around 11ish would be my lunch, so try to avoid then if possible, but it's only 30 mins. Also regarding the cat eyeball surgery, I thought it was pretty cool, but I've worked for vet clinics, the zoo, and petsmart, so guess not much phases me there!

Welcome to the blog conversations Debbie, what breed of dogs do you have, I have two labs and a great dane. Continue to join in, its a lot of fun. You too Marisa, glad to have you join the gang!

So Mr. Anonymous...how well do you know Ross? Anything fun you can share? Of course we don't want to get him in any trouble! It's always fun to watch him blush as he is being complimented.

Well lets see what we can get going on here? I think I missed Ross' acceptance to Chair the planning committee for our blogger get together or perhaps as Melissa suggested, Spring Doggie-Get-Together. Maybe he needs a few days to think it over?!?!?

Have a great night all and drive safe Ross!

Melissa said...

Hi Again

I also spent most of the day indoors.. besides walking some hopsitalized patients outside (which was not fun with the wind cutting right through you!!!) Its a good thing the wind has calmed down a bit. Gotta love the Kansas weather. Flip flops one day, snow the next. It must be exciting being a meteorologist in Kansas. You never know what's going to happen.

Ty, it will probably be earlier than 11 since I "plan" on going to Salina Saturday afternoon to watch the PBR Discovery Tour. We will see what happens.

Keep the countdown going till spring! I can only dream about with the weather how it is now! I forgot how cold it got. (I missed last winter here!) Keep warm everyone and have in in Great Bend tomorrow, Ross!

Ty said...

Ross, on a side note I meant to add that the JASON project sounds a bit like the movie "Twister", how they were trying to get ahead of the tornado and place weather reporting instruments infront of the oncoming tornado. I am not that familiar with the project, but were they just ahead of their time on this philosophy with the movie "Twister" or did the JASON project or something similiar give them the basis for "Dorothy" for those that know the movie? Just a thought? I loved that movie back in high school, god I feel old now! Well I hope you can enlighten me!!! I have a lot of other weather related questions but at the risk of sounding like a moron on the blog, I'll just ask you another time.

Take care and have a good night!

Anonymous said...

Not looking forward to the snow on Thursday. I have class and a few other things taking place.

The project sounds like an interesting, and it would be cool if more was know about the formation of Tornadoes.

I wish we could find a way to keep your car clean and also be able to drive on the winter roads.

Anonymous said...

Not looking forward to the snow on Thursday. I have class and a few other things taking place.

The project sounds like an interesting, and it would be cool if more was know about the formation of Tornadoes.

I wish we could find a way to keep your car clean and also be able to drive on the winter roads.

shelly said...

Hello everyone, and welcome to the newcomers at Rossplace.com (that is the official name right?) It is so cool to have new...uh...faces? to talk to!! Although I live in Salina, and most others live in Wichita, I consider myself part of the gang, and I really love blogging with everyone here. I have never officially met anyone, but we all seem to have a love for animals, especially dogs, and a love for chatting...right Ty? (gotta give ya a hard time, cause I never thought I'd meet someone who could outchat me!) So please let us know if you have animals, and what kinds!

Ok, in answer to one of Ty's questions, I DID get to go see Barack Obama, and all I can say is WOW! What a truly outstanding speaker. The only bad part was standing outside in line waiting to get in for over an hour in the cold wind and snow....Ross, we need to talk! But I have to tell ya, I have never heard a candidate speak with so much conviction and passion in my life...well, maybe JFK, but I can't remember that cause I was a baby. I can see why he is considered a unifier of people. There were some Republicans close to me that said they would vote for him if he gets the nomination. I am a democrat now after being an independent for years, and I will caucus next week. I really had been leaning toward Hillary (sorry Ty), but after hearing this man speak, I can't imagine any other person being our president (hope that redeems me)If you can watch the raw video here at KWCH...the speech was incredible.

Melissa...what a great idea to have a blogger/doggie get together. Maybe once Ross gets his yard mowed we could all bring our pooches over there and have a keg and some BBQ. I second the nomination by the way, so we just need your official nod Ross and we'll be over. I see where you are coming to town for the bull riders tour. It should be VERY good, and I hope you enjoy. Let us know how it goes!

Marisa...I'm still jealous, but I sure hope you have a good time at the concert. I'd still love the chance to see Keith/Carrie too. It is a bit expensive, so we'll have to see.

The JASON project sounds very interesting, and I have heard of them wanting to try this technology for awhile. My question is, if they get a piece of equipment inside of a tornado, what keeps the tornado from ripping it to shreds? And Ty, please don't feel "old". I remember "Twister", and loved it, and was also way past high school when I saw it. So, if you are old....then I'm....well.....next subject.

Welcome Debbie, and to Mr. Anonymous...are you Ross in disguise? By the way Deb, I have 2 Golden Retrievers, and I am finally starting to get them to train well. They are only 2 years old. Handful!!! Let's see....did I bore you all to sleep? Sorry for the rambling...lots to share today! Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Stacy said...

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. Have been sick for a couple of days, but feeling better now. This crazy hot and cold weather is killing me. Sure wish you could do something about that Ross!

Great to see others joining to give their feedback. Welcome to you all.

Melissa, what's this about the PBR discover tour. I can't find anything on www.pbrnow.com about this stop. I would love to go, where can I find out more info?

I think this JASON project sounds cool, where did the name come from? I was thinking about the movie Twister too, Ty.

Well, I hope everyone has a great day!

Melissa said...

I thought I would get back on here real quick before I had to get to work and forgot. Stacy- I think you can find it here http://www.pbrnow.com/competition/hnh/eventLoad.cfm?id=08-306
If not, you go to www.pbrnow.com and click on the discovery tour. It will be Feb 1-2 in Salina. Let me know if that works.
Off to battle the cold!!

Shelly8 said...

Is Ross single? Maybe "anonymous" knows?

Debbie said...

Hi All,

It is kind of funny that a group who never met all found the same blog and ended up having some things in common. In answer to Ty I have two "weinie dogs". I couldn't bring them to a doggie get together as they are so spoiled and don't play well with others.

I thought of Twister too but like Shelly I was past HS when it came out so you may not be the oldest...

Ross I am curious, last night I saw you do the weather at nine on channel 4 but not on channel 12. How does that work? If you are headed to Great Bend for one of the weather spotter meetings I bet it is strange to talk thunderstorms when we are calling for snow again.

Stacy said...

Thanks so much, I appreciate it. I found it! Hopefully I can attend too.

Well, hope you have your stampede strap on today or you'll lose your hat for sure!

Oh, and I don't know anyone on here blogging, just by this site only. I don't have any dogs either, so I'm out of the loop on that note, but do have horses. Would be difficult to bring them in to PetSmart, but would love to park them out front, but I'm sure there's no hitchin' posts.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Okay, I am laughing out loud at some of your comments...I enjoy reading them! It's actually "Ms. Anonymous" and I've known Ross since grade school. He's a very good friend and now I know as I write this, he's going to know who I am. :) haha!
I don't get on here as often as I'd like, but I do enjoy reading the comments! And Ty, I'm sure I have lots of fun stories on Ross, but I'll have to refrain from sharing them on the blog...unless I can get his permission first! :)
Have a good day everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ross, I was just wondering if you've come up with any ideas for your weather special yet?
Keep up the good work!!

Ty said...

Hey Ross and the gang (not to exclude Ross from the gang, because he is OBVIOUSLY included, just respectfully singling him out since it's his blog)

What’s going on today? Well Shelly, when I get typing, sometimes it's just hard to stop. Feel free to give me a hard time, I can take it, but can dish back too…so watch out, ha ha! Seriously though, it is easy to communicate with people of similar interests, so I feel free to share, so I’m glad you all don’t mind. I am always one for great networking and open communications, plus you can never have too many friends in high or low places (depending upon a persons perspectives of course)!

Well Melissa, before 11am sounds great. I will understand if it’s too cold, but I’ll try to keep an eye out for Rodeo. I just never know what I’m going to be doing there, especially lately I’ve been all over. PBR sounds like fun!

Also Shelly I am glad to hear that someone from our gang went to see and hear Obama speak in El Dorado. I am never one to push my beliefs on anyone and I definitely don't consider myself very much into politics, though I DO think this presidential election is a BIG ONE with so many potential candidates. I think this will also really help our youth understand the importance of voting, especially with Kansas holding a caucus this year. One thing that has always bothered not only me, but many of my peers, is the voting process for president, with the use of The United States Electoral College. Why can't this be like other elections and have a majority for the ENTIRE United States of America rather than just 538 Presidential Electors who make the decision for us, supposedly using our votes to weigh their decision? I know that some states, California, New York, Texas, and others are heavily populated versus other states, but at least the majority would have spoken. Any thoughts on this? I know many of you are thinking…not very political…yeah right, but really I’m not. As I’ve said I’m registered Republican, but I am currently for Obama and plan to voting for him, just obviously not in the caucus due to my party affiliation. Shelly I am glad that Obama was able to sway you from Hilary, but you are free to have your opinion, thanks for sharing, sorry you froze waiting, BLAME ROSS HA HA!

HEY Stacy glad to see your back, was beginning to wonder if you were ok. Sorry to hear you were sick, but glad you are doing better, my wife has been ill as well but she is better too! This weather doesn’t make it easy with temps all over the place. Sounds like a great place to interject with the count down; the First Official Day of Spring is in only 48 days as (1/30/08)!!!

Well Shelly8, last I talked with Ross one on one he wasn’t single, that’s been a couple weeks though. That’s all I know about that? Hope that helps because I know he is quite busy and won’t be able to chime in anytime soon.

Well it was a guess, so does “Ms Anonymous” have a name since the cat should be out of the bag for Ross at least? Glad you are enjoying the conversations and we are glad to have you apart of it. Oh I’m sure Ross wouldn’t mind some stories from back in the day, since he has posted pics from his childhood on here already…but definitely check with him for his approval, we want to hear…or read rather some stories about Ross!

Hey Stacy, what kind of horses do you have? Sorry the Wichita PetsMarts do not have hitching posts or equine area…but may of them do. I’d love to see your horses. I definitely enjoy riding.

Well this is definitely enough for me, though I’m sure I’ll think of something else after I send!! Take care and have a great day all!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ty, and anyone else that cares about politics... I can understand why most people in our state would have a problem with the Elector College. It is something that seems out of date and out of touch with our society since it comes from after the American Revolutionary War.

However I still believe the Electoral College is a good to have in Presidential Elections, esp, since we come from a state that has a smaller population than that of New York or California.

Just look at what happened on Tuesday with Obama coming to Kansas to give a speech.

He came for two reasons, to connect with his roots and also because of the closeness of the race between him and Hilary. If the electoral college was done away with the state wouldn't see people running for office of the President come to the Kansas cause they would go where the most people were, ie the bigger cities and states with the biggest populations, make Kansas an even bigger fly over country.

The electoral systems isn't perfect, however, you still have to vote in order for you state to go to the person that you would like.

It is a good thing to debate that is for sure.

Anonymous said...

I saw online that part of the state is in a "red flag" warning. I don't think I've ever heard that before...what does it mean?

Ty said...

I know I am not Ross but to answer the question for Anonymous regarding the red flag warning, it is a system that was established to look at the correlates between wind and fire. Basically it indicates conditions that could produce an extreme fire behavior and no burning should be done on Red Flag days. Hope that helps! Ross, please add onto this if you have more information.

Thanks Jonathan for your comments as I understand your point about trying to level the field, giving less populated states a voice still. I think it was great that Obama came here and I am sad I was unable to see him. I don't know what would be a perfect system, but I know it is frustrating as well. Anyone else have thoughts? I honestly am not that political but find this of definite interest!

Have a great day! I am not looking forward to the weather we are about to acquire this evening and tomorrow. DRIVE SAFE EVERYONE!!!

rach said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melissa said...

Holy Cow
I got to work for the day and come back and feel like I am reading a book to catch up on all the conversations on here hahaha.

Are you planning on going to the PBR Shelly?? I was thinking about it, just not sure if I want to make the drive out.

Ty, bad news?! I may have to babysit a friend from works 1 month old on Sat. I will know for sure tomorrow. She is stuck working and doesn't have daycare on Saturdays. (and me loving babies ALMOST as much as dogs, I said I would be there for her) But it's still up in the air.

Hope you are feeling better Stacy. I know there was some virus going around lately. Thats not fun!!

Eating a little dinner then off to the gym. (if anyone wants to join for a run! I'm getting bored running alone!) LOL Talk to you all soon.

Ty, I think this beat the comments from the 100th blog!

Ty said...

OK...I don't know if any of you were watching the KSU/KU game...BUT WOW K-STATE led throughout almost the entire game, and kicked it up a notch in the 2nd Half! KSU upset KU with a final score of 84 - 75! I am so proud of the WILDCATS, anybody that knows me, especially those at work, know I bleed purple! KU may have beaten us in football this school year, but we beat'em in basketball!! After a 24 year losing streak, the curse is BROKEN!

Did I mention that KU was ranked the #2 team! HMMMM!!!!!


Melissa, I noticed that you maybe unable to make it Saturday. Not a problem at all, just let me know if you can. I agree that we blew the comments total for the 100th blog out of the water with this blog. KEEP IT UP EVERYONE, ITS BEEN GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Well K-State played well but KU didn't play to their best ability.

I found if funny that K-State fans had to rush the floor, very tacky. I guess I can't speak too much, cause KU did rush the field a couple of years ago when they won some important games.

shelly said...

Wow did I read that right? 21 comments!!! Geez Ross, you've started your own little community here at Rossplace.com! Good for you! I LOVE all the chat and yes Ty I'm going to continue to try to kick your butt as best chatter.....And of course I don't mind the funning around, this has been such a great chat site, and I have a good time ; )

Ok, first, I HAVE to say GO K_STATE!!! Ty, our Cats did great. Like you, I bleed purple, and this was definitely our night!! I think if I was there I would have stormed the court too (sorry Jonathan). Yes, I know some people think it's tacky, but as a Catbacker for most of my life, this was a HUGE win for K-State and I'm sure the emotion in the fieldhouse was phenomenal. Besides, this is only game one. We still have to go to Allen in a couple of weeks, so there could always be a different side to that story. But I'm glad that K-State is finally getting some of the props that it deserves. Dare we even think Big 12 Championship?? It just might finally be possible!

As for the electoral college vs. popular vote, I see both sides to the issue. It is a little disheartening to think that getting the most popular vote doesn't really mean that you win the election. That can be very hard to take in a close race. But in a largely uncontested race it wouldn't mean much. I like knowing that my vote counts for something as an individual, but I also like knowing that the candidates have a reason to be seen in the smaller venues around the nation. Seeing Obama the other day was just electric...very impressive and very inspirational. I wonder if he would have been here without the electoral college. I was happy to see that you approved of my sway to Obama Ty. I am also happy to see you sway from Republican to Obama too! But you know...something he said the other day really struck me. He said "we are not red and blue states, but United States", and I really think our generation and the next need to start thinking this way. We have become to divisive. We need to be more united and work together or our nation just will continue to falter. OH OH....somebody stop me...I'm on a roll!

Melissa, I will not be able to attend PRB this weekend as I already have other plans. But, I know it would be well worth the trip if you can go. I'm sure you'd love it!

So, Debbie...how old are your dogs, and what are their names? I can understand them being spoiled. My Lab, Reba, was like that. And as she got older she was too protective and started seeing every dog as a threat to me, or her. Dogs tend to get used to their homes and surroundings and then it can be hard to socialize.

Glad to know that you are ok Stacy, and good to see you back! By the way, how is that nephew? I sure hope that he hasn't had to deal with the flu too!

It has been great to see so much activity on the blog, and I hope it keeps going. Ms. Anonymous, we think that maybe you should be....uh....less anonymous! It is fun to see people from Ross' neighborhood from the past. Please feel free to tell us those stories about our blogging meterology friend. We'd love to know!!

Have a great Thursday everyone!

Stacy said...

WOW...for so many different reasons! This snow is WOW, the amount of chatter on here is WOW, and all the new bloggers is WOW!

I hope everyone made it to work ok this morning; I know my commute was a little crazy. Be careful everyone! Those of you with dogs will have to teach them how to mush soon, if the wind keeps blowing.

My nephew is wonderful and has avoided all the virus' going around and I'm so thankful! He's getting baptized this weekend too.

I really enjoyed the BB game last night and have to agree that KU did not play very well. It will be a different ball game in Lawrence, I'm sure. I bet Beasly eats his words.

My folks and I have 5 horses; a couple of strawberry roans, a buckskin, a gray cow horse and a beautiful, young, thoroughbred. Won't be riding anytime soon, now...thanks Ross. =)JK

Hope your trip to Great Bend went well, Ross.

Well, everyone stay warm and be safe. Looking forward to some sunny weather now!

Anonymous said...

Hello folks,
Okay, I've sat back and read all your comments for several weeks now. And while I know you all are enjoying it, I'm going to be the bad guy here...
This is supposed to be ROSS' BLOG, not get to know your bloggers and discuss your pets, concerts, etc. It is nice to have things in common, but can you find another way to communicate? I know I'm not just speaking for myself when I say, I don't really want to read "books" about what your dogs did and what concerts you are going to, etc.
I get on here to read about the topics Ross wants to discuss and I think it has gotten a bit out of control lately! Its great that you all are blogging, but can we please stick to the topic at hand?!
Also, I think we need to leave Ross' personal life out of it! I thought it was incredibly inconsiderate to post that he may be taken. That is really none of our business! If Ross wanted us to know, HE would tell us.
So forgive me for being the one to say it, but I think we need to bring the focus back to the topics Ross writes about and most importantly leave his personal life out of it!
Ross, you are great! Keep up the good work!
J :)

Ty said...

I've noticed after the most activity we have seen yet on this blog cease today, which I attribute to either the last comment posted or perhaps everyone is so busy with the SNOW (ugh), but I figured I would step up and make a few comments, which I hope doesn't upset anyone, please forgive me for the potential book ahead.

First I do want to apologize to Ross if we have made you uncomfortable in any way! Definately not my intent, and I would assume not for any others here as well. For me, after looking back, I feel that we should leave Ross' personal life out of our blogs. Unlike most of us, he is in the media spot light, I know obvious right, but it requires an extra bit of discretion that I think sometimes the rest of us forget. I would hope that I could speak for all that blog here, by saying that we do not want to cause any problems for Ross in his position with KWCH, as we really enjoy what he brings to the station!

I would like to mention as well that Ross talks to us about Millie (which we enjoy) and we talk about our pets in return. Ross has mentioned the concerts in blogs and and we have been commenting on them as well. He has encouraged us to talk about what is going on around town and other current topics. Ross even said in the blog that we are posting on, and I quote "I really enjoy reading all of the conversations on here. It just makes the blogging more exciting and interesting for others to read." To me it sounds like the various topics have been of interest to him.

SO...not trying to put you in a bad position here Ross, but we will leave it to you to give us direction on how you wish us to continue on your blog. If you wish us to stop these topics, we can respect that but I hope you know we are NOT trying to take over your blog either.

I also hope Ross still feels as though he can continue to share/blog and carry on as before, as we all do enjoy what he has to say!

Take care everyone and I hope things went well in Great Bend Ross. Good Night.

shelly said...

Hello all, and I hope that everyone is staying warm and safe after the recent snowy weather. Now that the wind has finally simmered down, maybe there will be enough of a warm up to rid the streets of slippery hazards. It looks like we might have some days that are precipitation free...at least the dangerous kind, and I think we can all be glad about that.

I read, with much interest, the comments posted by "Anonymous". First, I would like to say I am in total agreement with the things that Ty mentioned, and truly appreciate his candor. There have been the RARE occasions that someone has asked about Ross' personal life here, and I agree that it is not any of our business. That is why I have never once printed anything in my comments concerning Ross' personal life. I think we all know...especially Ross...that things like that happen to people in the public eye. I think I speak for all the "regular" bloggers here that we really don't pay too much attention to it and focus on other issues. Those people tend to come and go pretty quickly, and they don't seem to be too much of a bother on this blog most of the time. But as I said, I agree...this is not the appropriate forum for those types of inquiries.

I would also like to express my thoughts about what "Anonymous" is concerned with in respect to what we post in this blog. First, let me just say that I can NOT speak for Ross, and I would never presume that anyone else here should either. I can tell, when Ross updates his blog, that he has taken the time to read the comments that everyone posts. I know this because he refers to specific comments that have been made and even points out people by name. Ross is always providing us with bits of information about things going on in his life, and I think he enjoys knowing what is going on in ours in return. The reason I feel this is because he, himself, will comment on it. There have been many times when Ross has written in his updates to openly encourage us to write about ourselves, and that he is happy with all the responses he gets. Yes, Ross does always have a topic that he shares with us, and I think that most of us do respond with our thoughts on those topics, as well as expand on our own ideas and happenings.

I feel like this blog is more than just a blog, but has grown into a community. I also see Ross as a very social guy that enjoys seeing all of us share and build with each other here. That is what blogs tend to do. And, I am sure as you so eloquently said "Anonymous", if Ross didn't feel comfortable with the way this forum is going, he would tell us so himself. I would totally trust him to redirect us in the fashion he would like to see this blog flow. After all, as you said, it is his blog.

I would just like to end by saying that I apologize if I have offended anyone, especially Ross. I would never want to do so to anyone here, because you are all considered my "friends", and I really enjoy being active in this blog. I know it is an interest in the weather that brought us here to begin with, but it is so much more than that that keeps us coming back everyday to participate and share ourselves with each other. And for that, we are all very lucky.

To Ross: You are a great asset to KWCH, and to the people of Kansas. You are a great teacher, and it is easy to see your dedication to what you do. I know I can only speak for myself here, but I think everyone would agree that we want nothing more than to build and carry on your blog in the way that you would intend it to be. If you feel we need to redirect, please know I, for one, am happy to do so.

PS...sorry for writing "a book".

Stacy said...

Just wanted to express my gratitude to Ty and Shelly for their honest and heartfelt explaination...those are my thoughts exactly. I would like to apologize also if I've offended anyone by putting part of my personal life on this blog. I am very thankful for Ross' contributions on this blog and especially on KWCH. He is very refreshing to watch and learn from. Looking forward to watching you on Saturday, hopefully with Millie.

Good luck to the groundhog tomorrow on Groundhogs Day!

Debbie said...

I just want to say on t.v. Ross comes off as a very personable guy. That is what caused me to check out his blog in the first place. What I found when I started reading is that he shares things about his life. His newphew's Christmas present, his hometown, his dog, his dad and him gathering data together. These things drew me to the blog. I am very family oriented and felt a connection. I love learning about the other people who blog here as well. Isn't the point of blogging to draw people to respond.

I also feel that most people in the public eye get people who don't know where to draw the line at times. Listen to some of the questions that come up on answer back 12 if you don't believe me. People are not afraid to ask about relationship status, comment on Bruce's hair or other such issues. I think the station expects some of it we just have to be respectful in our own responses and hey we always have the opportunity not to comment if don't like the direction a conversation is going.

I for one hope this anonymous doesn't change the direction of the blog. It has been fun to participate.

Anonymous said...

I for one would have to agree with anonymous. I agree that Ross encourages SOME personal information when he asks questions on his blog, etc. But I also feel it has taken a direction away from the blog. I think its okay to comment on the things Ross writes about...that is after all the reason we are all here. But I think there comes a point where too much has been shared.

Melissa said...

Phil saw his shadow today. 6 more weeks of winter. I think we should get a second opinion!!

Ross, do you know how many years the groundhog prediction has been true? What are your thoughts on it?

Have a good day everyone!

Melissa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lavonn said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

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