Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spring warmth - storms - and a look ahead to Memorial Day

It felt good to see sunshine yesterday and there's a good chance we will have some sunshine today. We still have another storm system that needs to come through here before we see a shift in the weather pattern. The storm system is over the desert Southwest now, but you don't see very much rain. This system is weakening as it moves closer, but it will pass right over Kansas and Oklahoma on Thursday, bringing another chance for some rain to the area. Amounts will be minimal though (probably under .25")

Friday: clouds will still be hanging around, but dry weather is expected

Weekend: Changes are showing up in the weather pattern. A large area of high pressure will be building up across the midsection of the country, so that will work against the chances for storms this weekend. However, by Sunday night, a large storm in the western US will begin to break into pieces, and one of those pieces will be headed east. A few storms may develop in western Kansas Sunday evening or night, but they'll be quite limited.

Notice that in the map above, by late in the weekend, the upper level winds will be coming in from the southwest. While that doesn't guarantee that we will have a stormy week, our chances for off and on thunderstorms will be increasing into Monday and Tuesday. Be prepared for at least some severe weather as we move into the week leading up to Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Weekend:
At this time, I would expect a nice Memorial Day weekend. There will be a storm over the Southwest that could be something we have to deal with after the holiday. While it's not 100% certain just yet, the way things are starting to setup up, mild temperatures and mainly dry weather could be ours for the long, holiday weekend. Let's hope that it's not too good to be true!

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