Monday, May 2, 2016

May stats and a shifting pattern this week

Welcome to the month of May as our days continue to get longer (sunrise now around 6:30 and not going down until almost 8:30). This is also one of our wetter months in Kansas, but will this month be as wet as April? Unless there is some major, slow moving storm, I don't think it will be as wet as April. However, there is some new forecast data that is coming and I'm going to take a look at that to see what the end of the month might have in store. 

This week:
Our pattern will be quite different this week as high pressure builds up right over Kansas through the middle of the week. Under it, our temperatures will warm and there won't be any major wind to deal with. Skies will be sunny and we should have some really nice spring weather.

Next developing storm:
We can see the next developing storm system out in the Pacific. This will be a large storm that will spend the rest of the week organizing and getting ready to move east. It's expected to arrive over Mother's Day weekend with chances for rain and thunderstorms by Sunday. The system will be weakening as it approaches Kansas, so I don't expect major rainfall or any big severe weather events to unfold. We will learn so much more about this next storm once it finally comes on shore in the West. It should deliver some more moisture to drought stricken California.

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