Monday, May 23, 2016

Stormy pattern - does it end for Memorial Day weekend?

This is our last full week of May and it's shaping up to be pretty active throughout much of the Plains. After the unseasonably cool spell last week with little to no severe storms, I guess we will be making up for that this week.

We have several chances for storms in the upcoming week, but trying to figure out the details is going to be a challenge for us.

What we do know:
There is a slow moving storm anchored over California and the desert Southwest. "Smaller" storms will break loose from there and move toward Kansas. Every time one of those passes, we are going to see storms develop. There will also be a front in the area, which will only help to develop more storms. AND... this will be a much warmer week with more 80s than anything else.

It's difficult to know where the highest chances for severe weather will be. Timing of storms will also be a challenge.

We are fairly confident that there will be a break on Wednesday for Kansas. But more storms and some heavy rainfall will once again be possible for Thursday and Friday. Look how much rain could fall by the end of the day Thursday. The southwest may miss the heavier rounds of rain.

Memorial Day weekend:
A few weeks ago when we looked this far out, I suggested we might have a nice Memorial Day weekend (without many storms). The pattern is still looking like we might catch a break for Saturday and Sunday. We will have one storm off to the northeast (into Canada) with another one developing west of the Rockies. It almost never happens that we have a spring or summer holiday weekend come and go without some kind of thunderstorms. But maybe we will get lucky this year. Time will certainly tell.

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BadB said...

If it's a Holiday weekend & people will be at their favorite lake, you can count on some kind of rain or wind. Lol. Just the way it is in Kansas

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