Monday, May 16, 2016

Wet and cool weather continues

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. This cool weather is very much out of place for May, but if it keeps the hail and tornadoes away, then I think most of us are probably okay with it.

This weeks weather is controlled by a slow moving storm that is just west of the Rockies. It's going to keep dropping south through Wednesday, and then Thursday, it will push out across Kansas. This means we will stay with the cloudy, cool, wet weather for most of the week.

Heavy rains tonight:
We still expect a batch of rain and thunderstorms to move from western Kansas into the southern part of the state. Severe storms are unlikely, but heavy downpours could create some flooding concerns. We are still expecting a big chunk of central and southern Kansas to get over an inch of rain. And some areas might be closer to 2 inches.

Leftover morning showers should be drying up into the afternoon.


Rain chances will be favored for areas along and east of I-135 (the Flint Hills will have the best chance for rain)

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