Monday, August 15, 2016

Fall making an early appearance?

Monday is here and we have reached the halfway point of August. Kids are heading back to school. We've had Chiefs preseason football on the air and I'm seeing more commercials for NFL coverage starting within the month. So fall isn't far off now.

Back at the beginning of the month, I made a prediction that the second half of the month looked cooler and we might have some early fall weather. It's right on schedule, but how long will it stick around? That's something we will take a closer look at in the coming days, but I will say this. I think we have seen the last of the 100 degree weather for the remainder of the summer. We may still have a heat index above 100, but air temperatures don't look to get that hot from here on out. We have not seen the last of the 90s though.

Next Rain Chances:
The cold front that pushes through on Friday will bring rain and thunderstorms to the area. There is some possibility that we could have a few severe storms, with hail, wind, and pockets of heavy rainfall. I'm posting rainfall forecasts from both the GFS model (American) and the European model tho show what areas could get the heavier amounts. Don't focus on the exact numbers because they will change throughout the week. We use maps like this as guidance - helping us pin down where the best chances for rain will be and to see where the heaviest may setup.

GFS model
Europoean model
One forecast model is showing highs in the 70s for next Saturday with much less humidity. There will be a fall-like feel to the weather for sure in about 4 days. Get ready!

The flooding down in Louisiana over the weekend was just so impressive. Here's a look at the radar estimates and the white/gray colors would easily indicate 15-20 inches of rain. There were so many water rescues and as we know, it takes a long time for that much water to find a place to go. That particular storm has just been stuck on the northern Gulf coast, but it's finally over the heaviest of the rain moved away yesterday. 

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