Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 Weather Review - How will 2017 start?

We've come to the end of 2016! I wanted to take a quick look back at some of the highlights from this year weather-wise. What a busy year and big records smashed.

7th warmest - Wichita

7th warmest - Wichita

Wettest on record - Dodge City
6th wettest - Wichita
7th wettest - Goodland

EF2 tornado - May 8th - Ellis county
EF3 tornadoes - May 24th - Dodge City
EF4 tornado - May 25th - Chapman (northern Dickinson county)

Harrison Sincavage - near Dodge City

near Minneola - May 24 - courtesy Trevor Sherman


EF3 tornado - July 7th - Eureka
80 mph winds measured - July 14th - Wichita
2nd wettest - Wichita
Anna Auld - near Ellsworth

courtesy Deb - near Bunker Hill

4th wettest - Wichita

Major flooding with over 12" of rain in spots across south central Kansas
2nd wettest - Wichita
Leftover moisture from Hurricane Newton


Latest 100° ever recorded in Kansas - October 17th - Dodge City
4th warmest - Dodge City
5th warmest - Wichita and Goodland

Latest fall freeze - Salina
2nd warmest - Wichita
3rd warmest - Dodge City
4th warmest - Goodland

Record lows (-10 to -25 below) - December 18th
First recorded severe weather in Kansas on Christmas Day - including 4 tornadoes

It's always amazing to look back at what we've been through during the year. Thank you for allowing us into your home each night to deliver the weather story.

And finally... looking at the start of 2017, it's going to be cold! Highs will be falling to the teens and 20s for many days next week. I don't see much in the way of snow, but the cold weather will for sure be taking over. Happy New Year!!

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