Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Meteor shower - more cold - and snow

It's Tuesday and another meteor shower is taking place. The annual Geminid meteor shower is peaking the next few nights and it's one of the better ones during the year. The problem... the full moon. It's not as big and bright as the one we had in November, but it will still wash out some of the smaller meteors. It's expected there could be up to 120 meteors per hour, but because of the bright moon, you might only see 12 per hour. Geminids tend to have longer streaks than other meteors, so it's well worth looking straight up the next few nights.

We've already had about as much cold weather this month of December as we did in all of last December. Our average temperature is right at 34° compared to almost 46° at the same time in 2015. And the cold keeps coming.

There's so much snow on the ground to our north that as the bitter cold continues to surge south across Canada and the northern US, the air can't warm up at all. So we should expect this bitter cold to continue for up to 2 more weeks. 

COLDEST AIR YET...is still to come. Friday evening, a STRONG cold front will surge across the central Plains and temperatures will take a nose dive. In fact, afternoon temperatures will fall to the teens Saturday, and that's colder than any day we had in ALL of last winter. We are still expecting snow this weekend too. I won't discuss possible totals until tomorrow, but it still doesn't look like it will be very much. 

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Larry said...

My wife and Mother in law have to drive to K.C. area Sunday, hoping the amounts stay low. Our Cowboy says hi to MillieLarry!

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