Thursday, December 15, 2016

Update on weekend storm - travel impacts

Thursday is here and just a few days before the bitter cold snap AND the next chance for snow. This will be a cross country storm covering many areas in snow from the west all the way to the east coast. Forecast models continue to show the heaviest snow will miss us to the north across the Dakotas and northern Nebraska. Take a look at the watches/warnings. We will likely see some advisories issued for Kansas going into the weekend.

Confidence level on this weekend storm is pretty high. It hasn't formed yet, but computer models have had some agreement now for a few days that it will move through quickly and moisture is somewhat limited. 

Almost all of Kansas will get snow. The amounts will be light, with most areas getting less than 2 inches. But because there will be so much wind, it's going to be extremely difficult to measure anything. 

If you have travel plans Saturday, be prepared for lower visibility because of the blowing snow. And it's not just in Kansas. But rough weather will stretch all the way up to Chicago too. If you can wait just an extra day, Sunday will be much better with sunshine and a lot less wind.

And what's going on for Christmas? We will take a deeper look into the possibility of having snow for Christmas on the blog tomorrow (Friday).

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