Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Getting colder - weekend snow chance - and look at next week

Thanks for spending a few minutes reading the blog. Officially, we are one week out from winter but we've already had some pretty chilly days. It's going to get even colder before the weather pattern changes.

The weather looks fairly quiet the next few days. We had thought freezing drizzle might develop early Friday morning, but now that looks like it's going to be well to the east (if it develops at all). And it's not an ice accumulation situation. Even if some freezing drizzle develops in northeast Kansas, it shouldn't last very long.

On to the weekend cold blast AND snow! This is some of the coldest air in a couple of winter seasons. Nearly 85% of the US will see sub-freezing temperatures by Sunday morning, with about 15-20% seeing sub-zero temperatures. And the wind chills will be a concern. Just look at 12 p.m. Saturday... wind chills will be well below zero during the day.

When it comes to snow Saturday, here is what we know. 

  1. Could start late Saturday morning, but more likely in the afternoon/evening
  2. Fast moving storm
  3. Not much moisture
  4. Very cold air
  5. Quite windy
What all of this tells me is that amounts will be limited, likely less than 2 inches statewide. While the computer models still have some differences, it's NOT looking like much of a snow event for Kansas. 

The pattern will change next week. So if you need a break from the cold, the series of Arctic surges will come to an end for now. It still looks rather chilly, but not the bitter cold that has continued to impact most of the region. The bitter cold is going to split and move east through eastern Canada. We will likely be warming back through the 40s and some 50s even possible.

When it comes to a white Christmas, although it's not completely ruled out, trends in recent days are looking a little less favorable. But every night at 10 p.m., I'll be updating you on the latest thoughts. Have a great day.

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