Monday, December 19, 2016

Slowly warming - potential Christmas storm

What a weekend of cold, cold weather. Record setting low temperatures don't seem to happen as often, but we sure had a number of them this weekend. In fact, it was some of the coldest air we've had in many years.

Temperatures will be going up this week and we will see 40s and 50s by midweek. It will turn a little windy on Wednesday with another cold front, but the major Arctic air is going to head east. The pattern is changing and we will feel it in just a couple of days.

Potential Christmas Storm:
We talked about this on Friday here on the blog. Confidence is getting better and better that there will be a storm, but timing, track, and potential impacts are still very much a wildcard. I've been watching the models throughout the weekend and I've seen everything from a storm on Christmas Eve to Christmas night. And will the precipitation fall as rain or will there be a blizzard over the holiday?

This storm won't even form until Thursday night or early Friday. Please don't believe everything you see on Facebook or Twitter because there will be some wild predictions from unknown sources. Nobody (not even Storm Team 12) knows exactly what will happen. Our computer models can only give us ideas this far in advance. It does look like there could be a lot of wind with this system, so wherever the snow ends up, it could be a blizzard.

Storm Track Potential 1:
If this track ends up being reality, most of what we will get in Kansas will be rain! This is the track I think will be more likely, but again, we don't know for certain yet. One of the more reliable computer models has been hinting at this track now for two days.

Storm Track Potential 2:
If the storm goes farther south, we get snow. There will be colder air to work with and much of the state will have snow for Christmas Day. If you want snow... you have to hope the storm goes farther south.

Stick with us throughout the week. We will be talking about it through the week as it will have impacts on holiday travel plans.

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Diana said...

Thanbk you, Ross! We'll be watching the forecast through the week!

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