Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Developing heat wave - for how long?

Less than a week to go before summer's official arrival, but here we are staring right into the start of a heat wave that will likely last for more than a week. Ever since the 50+ 100 degree days of 2011, summer weather patterns make me nervous. That was such a rough summer with a stubborn weather pattern that didn't want to break down.

Take a look at the setup heading into the middle of the week. The jet stream (or storm track) will be pointed from California right up into the northern Rockies. This will allow for the heat to slowly intensify.

It is not uncommon to have some 100 degree heat in June. In fact, most areas average 1-2 days of 100 degree weather by the end of this month. But when it starts getting this hot in June, we can be in for a very long summer.

Where do we go after this week? Forecast models hold on to the large high pressure system right into the first full week of summer. So I don't look for any big changes to take place in temperatures over the weekend or the start of next week. And with such a large heat dome over the area, good chances for rain/thunder will stay away too. Good news for wheat harvest, but bad news for the electric bill and water bill. Welcome to summer!!

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