Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June stats - did you know?

Welcome to June. We are approaching the half way point of the year (crazy how fast time flies!)

Did you know:
- June 1st marks the start of meteorological summer 
- June is, on average, the wettest month out of the year for Wichita and Dodge City. It's the second wettest month of the year for Goodland
- Our earliest sunrise and latest sunset will happen this month. 
- Hurricane season is now here for the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf

The long range forecast is still calling for near normal precipitation for many areas throughout Kansas. Even though the beginning to the month is dry, I definitely think we will have some wet stretches ahead. You can look back at yesterdays blog to see a forecast for the next few weeks. But there's a stormy part to the pattern that will be back, but it's still several days away.

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