Friday, June 3, 2016

Why so much rain in Texas - How long until more rain for Kansas?

Storm track today - why so much rain in Texas
The flooding in Texas is just incredible and feels like it's been going on for months now. The El Nino influence on the weather pattern has contributed to such a wet pattern across the south. But the other big factor is that we've had several storms that continue to be very slow movers. This latest storm down south doesn't have enough wind behind it to shove it out of Texas. The main flow of wind is across the northern part of the US, so the storm is essentially stuck for a few more days.

Kansas will continue to enjoy dry and warm weather for the next several days. Most of our standing water should dissipate. Creeks and streams should be going down if they haven't already. 

June 6-9:
Looks warm/hot with dry conditions for much of the state. A storm system approaches from the west around June 10th, which could lead to scattered storm chances. It's highly unlikely there will be any widespread rains during this time. Highs will be above normal.

June 10-15:
Stormy weather returns to the western US and as the jet stream bends a little farther south, we could see some storms again through the Plains. Once again, this doesn't look like a widespread setup for rain, but chances may be around for some.

June 16-20: Some possibility of a storm system coming across the northern US. If this happens, we could see some cooler weather arriving in Kansas. 

June 21st: Heat building up. Dry and hot weather could be surging back across the area. Welcome to summertime!!

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