Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Looking to the next chance for rain - severe weather

June is off to a quiet start and there won't be much change between now and Sunday around Kansas. I've heard some people say they are starting to water again now that we haven't had much rain in almost a week. Some parts of Kansas need rain, but with the wheat harvest about to move into full swing, I'm sure several farmers wouldn't mind the rain holding off.

The pattern looks to remain fairly quiet for Kansas. Very warm temperatures higher up in the atmosphere can usually work against storms developing, and that will tend to be the case all the way through the weekend.

Next week, we see the weather pattern beginning to change. There's a small, compact storm system that will be coming through the Southwest and headed into the Plains by Monday. At the same time, a cold front will be on the move. It will set up across Kansas by Monday afternoon and help produce storms both Monday and Tuesday. There will be chances for severe storms too (hail and wind) that could show up, especially over central and eastern Kansas. We will also be cooling down as the front passes on by. Highs are going to drop back to the lower 80s, and we may very well stay in the 80s for much of the week.

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