Monday, June 6, 2016

One front today - Colin - and next chance for storms

Good Monday morning! Here's hoping everyone had a nice weekend. Now that the faucet has been turned off, the heat is building up and summertime seems to be making an early appearance.

There is a cold front pushing into the area today. We will likely have just enough heat today to help fire off an isolated storm, but they won't last very long at all. I would expect by sunset, anything that has developed will be fading fast. You can see the front at 4 p.m. today will likely stretch right over central Kansas. It's not very strong, but will drop the temperatures about 5-10 degrees heading into Tuesday.

Tropical Storm Colin will be coming into Florida tonight or very early Tuesday. Winds are around 50 mph and there will be some changes in strength. However, it's still way below hurricane strength (74 mph winds), so there's little chance this will become a hurricane before making landfall.

We have identified the weather pattern will start to change next weekend (June 10/11), but the impact for Kansas may not come until early next week. Stormy weather will return to the western US and there are two areas to keep an eye on. One part of the stormy weather will go north with the jet stream (through Montana and Idaho). There's a second part that will come through southern California and into Arizona. The southern storm has a chance to produce some rain for Kansas. And there should be a little bit of a cooldown coming our way too.

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