Monday, May 15, 2017

Back to stormy weather this week

Welcome to Monday and the start of another active week of weather for the Plains. The sunshine and breeze over the weekend helped to dry things out just a little bit, but now we head back to a stormy setup that will likely bring severe weather and some drenching rains.

Today (Monday):
A few storms will develop in far western Kansas through the evening hours. These storms will have a hard time surviving much past sunset, but anything that develops should move east/northeast. One or two may briefly produce some larger hail, but overall, chances for severe storms are low.

Chances for severe weather will be increasing. Storms will develop east of a Colby to Garden City line and move east through the evening. Biggest threats will be large hail (up to golf ball size) and some damaging winds. We don't expect a bunch of tornadoes, but the chance can't be taken off the table given the time of year and the setup. The highest chances of tornadoes will be in western Kansas as the storms start developing.

Wednesday - No severe storms

Another round of active weather is likely setting up for the end of the week. Severe weather is going to be possible a little farther east through central and eastern Kansas and down into Oklahoma and Texas.


Anita said...

Thank you for always giving us the weather calmly and rationally, and not sensationalizing it to scare people like so many weather sources do these days - there is a reason I rely only on KWCH!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. When we've got plans, timing is important. Hi to Millie, too.

Leslie Bates said...

Regional track meets Are this Friday. Will the storms hold off so the meets can conclude?

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