Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Next chance for severe storms - Thursday

A rough Tuesday evening with hail and some isolated tornadoes. We never had anything that stayed on the ground for more than just a few minutes, but it doesn't take much to get some damage and the hardest hit areas were around Barton county. Assessment crews will be out today (Wednesday) and we might learn of an Enhanced Fujita scale number by the end of the day. Here's a look at the scale:
EF0 - 65-85 mph
EF1 - 86-110
EF2 - 111-135
EF3 - 136-165
EF4 - 166-200
EF5 - >200

We are going to get a break from the severe weather for today. But we are right back into the possibility come Thursday. Here's the setup:

Highest chances for severe weather will be across central, south central and southwest Kansas. Storms will move north/northeast after developing.

Strong winds will move out over Kansas Thursday afternoon and into the evening. At the same time, a front will be positioned over south central and eastern Kansas, which is most likely where storms will begin to form once again. When you have a front involved, you tend to have more shifting of the winds, so the tornado threat looks a little more elevated Thursday evening.

The front will be slow to move, so we anticipate some heavy rainfall throughout the area heading into Thursday night.

Timing is the question here. Most of this will come during the early evening hours and not in the middle of the afternoon.

Stick with us as we continue through this busy week of stormy weather. It still looks to calm down by Saturday as we dry out.

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