Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Late week storms - early look at June

We are coasting into an extended weekend and it's the unofficial kick-off to summer. Summer isn't my favorite season, but I do love the warm nights and longer days. And I have to say, after the blistering heat of 2011 and 2012 (when we had 30 and 40 100° days), I get nervous when summer draws near. Many of us were very frustrated with the drought and the ongoing heat waves.

Early June Prediction:
An early look at June shows we should be in for cooler than normal weather, especially for the first half of the month. That would mean mostly highs in the 70s and low 80s, not 100 degree temperatures. That's not to say we couldn't have a 100° day, but it doesn't look that likely.

What about the precipitation? There are signs pointing toward active/wet weather for the beginning of the month, but as we get in closer to the middle of June we may be hitting a bit of a dry spell. A high pressure ridge may setup in the middle of the Plains closer to mid June.

Possible Weather Pattern June 17
Memorial Day weekend storm chances:
The next batch of storms will arrive later Thursday night. This will impact a small area of NW Kansas. Another chance for storms is coming Friday night, mainly to western Kansas, but those storms may drift east into the night. So if you plan to camp Friday night, some rain is possible. Severe weather isn't expected to be widespread.

Leftover showers are possible, but late in the day, rain chances will end from west to east.

Sunday/Monday:  Dry!

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