Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekend storm wrap - next one arriving soon

Incredible weekend of rain, snow, and blizzard conditions. A difficult weekend for farmers and motorists throughout the area. Here are some reports that I've collected from around the state.

Colby - 17"
Johnson City - 16"
Scott City - 15"
Ulysses - 14"
Elkhart - 14"
Leoti - 14"
Dighton - 12"
Oakley - 10"
Sharon Springs - 10"
Oberlin - 8"

I-70 at Colby - courtesy Matt McCune 

Stanton County snowfall - courtesy Aimee

View from Wallace - courtesy Roxy Bussen

RAIN REPORTS (storm totals):
Dodge City: 3.15"
LaCrosse: 3"
Smith Center: 2.31"
Kingman: 2"
Garden City: 1.95"
Wichita: 1.64"
SE of Salina: 1.5"
Salina: 1.18"

This map has a summary of the snow depth across western Kansas. It was such a mess with the wind gusts over 50 mph. This kind of storm is something that is classic in March. But some of our biggest snows come right at the end of the season as temperatures warm (allowing for more moisture content in the snow)
View from space of the weekend storm
Next storm will arrive Tuesday night/Wednesday. It's going to produce some rain for the area, but not big amounts like we saw over the weekend. In most cases, it will likely be under .50", but closer to the Oklahoma state line, amounts could go up to another inch. Oh boy, right? Our Future Track shows the rain starting in the west Tuesday evening and then moving east for early Wednesday. There won't be snow with this system, but more wet weather could create some issues for spots.

There is a rather BIG change in the weather pattern coming later this week. The end result is good for Kansas as dry and warm weather turns. More to come on this as the week continues. 

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