Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Severe weather update - Wednesday

Chances for severe weather return to Kansas today - Wednesday and we have issued a Weather Alert Day. What does that mean? We expect storms to have a higher chance of producing some large hail and damaging wind, but this is not going to be a huge outbreak of severe storms. The month of May is notorious for having significant severe weather, but this isn't one of those setups.

Although most of the state is covered by the slight risk for severe storms, not everyone in the shaded area will be hit with hail and winds. So be prepared for some watches and warnings during the early evening hours. But as we head later into the night (after 11 p.m.), the chances for large hail will be diminishing.

Here's the timing:
Late morning/Early afternoon

A batch of showers coming through around midday are very unlikely to be anything more than just some rain and maybe some thunder. 
Early evening - storms developing all over Kansas (storms will move east-northeast)

Stronger storms should begin to develop after 6 p.m. into the evening hours. Most of the large hail and severe weather will be on an isolated basis, so not everyone will see rough weather. 

Heading into the night, some spotty severe weather is possible, but the concern will also turn toward some heavy downpours, which may create flooding concerns. 

Beyond today - severe weather is out of here and the weather begins to settle down into the weekend. 

I am a little concerned that we are moving back into an active setup for next week though. Details to come, but several days next week will have chances for severe storms. Just that time of year. 

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