Thursday, June 15, 2017

More storms coming & what is a heat burst

There are three more rounds of storms coming before heat relief arrives in Kansas. Are you ready? We can't be tired of hot weather yet because summer hasn't even officially started. But we've already had 4 days this year with highs above 100 in parts of the state.

Here's what's going on today:
There's a very weak front in the area which will help ignite storms in central Kansas after about 5 p.m. Storms will move east/southeast into the evening, and the storms should remain scattered - not widespread. Very large hail is going to be one of our biggest threats.

The focus for storms Friday:
Mainly over northeast and eastern Kansas. This batch of storms will form in southern Nebraska and then roll to the southeast. These storms could be big wind producers.

And finally, round 3 with storms could come Saturday night with our cold front:
This will likely push through around sunset and into the night. A few severe storms are possible.

But by Father's Day, we should be back into the 80s with lower humidity. Wow!
Just look at what's coming up.

Tuesday night, a heat burst was reported around Russell around 6:30 in the evening. Are you familiar with one of these? When storms collapse, the descending air rapidly heats up and dries out. When the air hits the ground, it is usually quite warm/hot, and the air becomes very dry. You may also notice very strong winds, which can sometimes lead to damage. Tuesday evening, we saw the winds gust up to about 60 mph and the humidity dropped. Just take a look at this line graph showing the change in temperature, dew point, and humidity. Notice how as one goes up, the others nose dive.

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