Tuesday, June 13, 2017

To water or to wait... that's the question

When you look at a 7 day forecast or hear one on the radio, it can look and sound like we are going to get rain maybe every day. It also makes it hard to figure out if you should water some plants or kick on the sprinklers. If you're in that spot... I'd suggest going ahead with the watering. 

Look at the setup today (Tuesday):
Any storm that pops up will likely fade within a few hours of sunset. And they will be few and far between.

Then tomorrow (Wednesday): 
The focus will be shifting south and east of the Kansas Turnpike, with some hail and gusty winds possible. 

Thursday setup:
This is likely to be our best chance for rain this week, even though, I think the storms will once again be fairly scattered. 

Are we really in need of rain? Well, that might depend on who you ask. So far in the month of June (and it's nearly half over), rainfall amounts look like this:

Dodge City: 2.27"
Goodland: 1.82"
Wichita: 0.81"
Salina: 0.75"

Over the last two months, most areas had anywhere from 9-12 inches of rain. So while the faucet has been slowed some recently, it hasn't been turned off completely.

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