Thursday, June 29, 2017

Weather Alert Day - severe winds expected

Be on the lookout for severe storms heading into the evening hours tonight. Storms are expected to develop in northern Kansas and then slide southeast. I think our biggest concern will be strong winds that might gust to 60-70 mph, but it's unclear just how widespread it will be.

Some of the latest data that has come in this morning shows storms rapidly developing after 7 or 8 p.m., mainly east of a Hays to Dodge City line. These storms should move east and southeast, possibly producing the strongest winds that we are forecasting. And some of you are still trying to clean up after Mondays severe weather.

Shortly after midnight, I think almost all of the storms should be gone from our area as cooler temperatures settle in.

Friday afternoon: A few storms may develop near Wichita and southeast Kansas, but most of them will likely be non-severe storms.

Coming up tomorrow, we will take another look at the holiday weekend forecast and what lies beyond as we move into July.

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