Friday, June 2, 2017

Quiet start to June - is severe weather season over?

The month of June is off to a relatively quiet start, but before we put May behind us, I wanted to show you how much of the US saw cooler than normal weather. Just look how much blue covers the map below. We can contribute the cool weather to all of the rain we are getting this spring. And the most recent drought monitor (released Thursday) clearly shows record low drought around the nation.

Much of the country had cooler than normal May weather

Drought monitor - released Thursday, June 1

Our weather pattern is showing signs of summer. How do we know? Just look where the main jet stream winds are now. All the way up along the US/Canadian border, so without the strong winds aloft around Kansas, our chances for severe storms are somewhat diminished.

I don't think severe weather season is completely over yet, but we are passed the peak. In another week, a storm system will be racing across the northern Plains, which may help to get some organized storms going once again.

And on a side note here - it's the time of the year where you just might see a 7 day forecast that has rain on it nearly EVERY day. When you see that, just know it's a complicated forecast. But rather than put a rain icon on each day of the 7 day, we will try to pick out the best chances and leave the others off. Summertime storms can pop up just about anywhere, which makes forecasting them quite a challenge. But we try to avoid having a 7 day forecast that has rain on it every day.

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