Sunday, January 13, 2008

Canada Comes to Kansas

It is so good to see all of the blog activity in the last few days. It makes it more interesting when people are posting comments and talking about things going on around Kansas. Some of you have been talking about the Jason Aldean concert coming up this week. I like some of his music, but will not be around to go to the concert, so if you end up going, I'd like to hear your comments on the blog.

We have another weather special coming up in March and it's time for us to start preparing stories for the show. Last year, my weather story focused on the new Enhanced Fujita Scale that is being used when surveying tornado damage. Do you have any story ideas for our weather special this year? It can be anything from technology to talking with tornado survivors.

Cold air is coming in this week and springtime severe weather will be a distant thought on Wednesday. The computer model posted here shows the Arctic air coming in on Wednesday and with some wind, it will be cold. Melissa, you'll need to bundle up before riding this week. Lets see, about 2 months until the first day of spring! Yes, I'm counting.


Anonymous said...

Not really looking forward to the cold weather in the coming week, but I would rather get all the snow and really cold weather out of the way now before we get too far into spring.

I enjoy watching and brushing up on my weather-smarts every spring when you have your special on the air. I am sure that you will cover the Greesburg tornado since it is still fresh in everyone mind, and it should be cover.

Would be interesting to maybe show also the impact that the flood that we happen in Kansas last year. We all worry about the sever weather threat of thunderstorms, ie. tornado, hail, wind, lighting, and rightfully so, but I think most still forget about the threats that rain causes when flooding happens.

Have a great week,

Ty said...

Well I can say I'm not too thrilled about the onset of colder weather, but guess I won't blame you Ross! Lets get all this cold weather out of the way so Spring can get here soon ASAP, I'm waiting with the rest of you for the warmer weather to STAY!! I enjoy the outdoors, riding my motorcycle, campin', takin' the dogs to the lake, etc...

Well I plan to go to the Aldean Concert and perhaps I'll see some fellow bloggers! Melissa I was finally able to track down who is opening for Aldean, the group is No Justice. Glad the Boland concert was good, hope the Aldean concert is just as good if not BETTER!! Ross you'll be missing a great concert, but you'll have fun out of town I'm sure!

So Ross wants some help with his homework...lets see. You can't go wrong with storms as Jon was saying. People are interested in storms and here in Kansas we get quite the variety/severity, not just tornadoes, but hail, cloud formations/types, winds and the destruction they cause, flooding, how High/Low pressure relates to the weather, etc. You can provide alot of information with just the topic of storms.

Hope that helps bud! Have a great week all, stay warm riding Melissa. Got another horse to have company while to ride?!?!

shelly said...

Hi Ross and all
I know it is only January, so we have to put up with the cold weather in Kansas. Which leads me to your question Ross of topics to cover on your TV show.
It seems that storms are stronger now than they have ever Greensburg, Katrina, the "spring" storms in the middle of winter, the droughts, the heat. Global warming seems to be a huge topic in Kansas right now (and controversial), and I really think there are people out there that don't get what global warming really is. I mean, some just think it means the earth is getting warmer...and that's it. They don't see the correlation between the atmosphere and how it affects the earth, and our weather. I have heard some say that there is no global warming because we just had the worst ice storm Kansas ever had. They don't see how global warming can cause an ice storm of this kind, and huge tornadoes like we had in Greensburg.

OK, enough of my soapbox rantings for today. I guess I just think it is something we need more education on...especially now.

Ty, I have read about No Justice on the internet. I don't really know them at all, but they seem to be pretty popular in TX. Should be a good concert next Friday. I hope you enjoy! I think it should be a very good draw! And Melissa, I LOVE Martina. I think she is one of the best ever in country. I think it would be great to see Carrie too. She is very hot right now, and I think her career will only get better!

Man, I can go on and on. (sorry) Have a great week all!

Anonymous said...

I don't normally post comments but I see that a few of you are going to the Jason Aldean concert this Friday. I will also be in attendance at that concert. I expect that it will be a good show. I saw Jason in October when he opened for Rascal Flatts in St. Louis, MO.

Ty said...

Good Morning,

Shelly I hadn't heard much about No Justice either until last night when I found out they were opening for Aldean and then listened to some of their music on myspace, they weren't too bad! I think it will be a GREAT CONCERT! I also agree with you that Global Warming would be an EXCELLENT TOPIC, because it is one of the hot items and so many still just don't get everything that it encompasses. Great recommendation Shelly, so what's your thoughts on that Ross?!?! Shelly I also know what you mean about being able to just go on and on...I normally have to stop myself from writing a novel.

To anonymous, glad you chimed in to chat with us, I'll bet the Aldean/Rascal Flatts concert was great! I really enjoyed Julie Roberts/Chris Cagle/Rascal Flatts concert I attended several years ago! Come back and start a new topic thread if there is something of interest to you.

Well have a great day all and stay warm this week!

Anonymous said...

I would agree with Shelly on her suggestion for a weather topic. Global warming is something not too many understand. I know that I myself don't even fully grasp the whole concept of it all. It could be interesting!

Stac said...

I'll do the count down with you Ross, only 66 days left!

Ty said...

Well at least this year Spring comes even sooner, March 19th, for those of us here in the Central, Pacific, and Mountain Time Zones, along with those in Alaska and Hawaii due to how the vernal equinox, everyone else gets it on March 20th in the northern hemisphere. So not to be too critical Stac but when I put it into the computer to check dates, I came up with 64 days left...but everyday closer to Spring works for me, but I'll take the warmer weather if it wants to show up earlier.

More information available at if anyone is interested.

Have a great day!

Melissa said...

Yes, it is pretty cold!! No Justice is an awesome band! Not real big yet, but GREAT music!
I will be going to the Aldean concert Friday and the Rodeo on Sat. (yes, a very exciting weekend for me haha) Ross, I will definitely bundle up if I ride in this cold weather!!! I don’t think I will be doing too much riding since work has got me really busy this week and I am a bit sick =(

I really hope we have a nice calm quiet (ok maybe some thunder storms) spring. I love to storm chase, but I really scare myself sometime!! I guess its just the adrenaline rush. As long as it starts getting warmer soon, I wont complain too much =)

Shelly, I LOVE Martina as well. She is really a talented female. That was by far one of the best concerts I have been to in a while. She sound better in person than on her records, and that’s rare.
Well, I will think of some ideas for Ross’s “homework.” Everyone needs a little help sometime. Lol. I just don’t know how much help I will be. (I’m a little weather illiterate! I usually watch for storms and warm temperatures) Hope everyone has a good week and I’ll catch up on here soon!

shelly said...

Hello everyone!
Wow...the blog just keeps getting better and better!! I'm loving everyones comments. See what you started Ross!! I am going to enjoy this last day of warm before the cold stuff comes roaring back!!

Ty, I went to Mysapce to listen to No Justice as you did. They really aren't too bad! When I follow country music, it is usually the "newer" stuff (meaning the last 10-15 years)and many of the bands are excellent. Have you ever heard of a band called "Arrowhead"? They are a Kansas band that travels in the Topeka, Kansas City and Wichita venue. They are pretty good too. I also went to the site. Wow....that was very interesting! I always have been a bit of a space lover and that was a cool site! I also want to thank you and anonymous for the nice comments. Sometimes I think I'm the only one in Kansas that wants to learn and understand this issue! I'm thrilled to know you feel the same!

Melissa, sorry to hear you are under the "weather"! (how funny on Ross' blog) Hope you're better soon. What kind of horses do you have? Do you ride in the Rodeo? Barrel chase? The rodeo is always a big thing in central Kansas, and there usually is one every weekend all summer long somewhere close. We had a horse at the farm when I was a kid, but living in town, I don't have the luxury. I'm envious!! guys enjoy the concert, and thanks Ross for the great blogging!!

Melissa said...

Okay, I REALLY am praying Canada stays in Canada! Kansas really is okay without it!! I was planning on washing my car today, but the wind was awful cold! And if I thought today was bad... I'm probably gonna want to stay in the warm house tomorrow =) (although thats not possible!)

Thanks Shelly! I am feeling MUCH better today. Not 100% but definately better! I ride for fun. No rodeos or barrel racing. I like to watch, but I just really enjoy riding to relax. I may have to wear MANY layers if I plan on riding this week. Too bad the horses dont keep me warm.

Hey Ross, if you know any way to bring the warmer weather to Kansas a little early, I would owe you big! HAHA. Have a good day ya'll!

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