Monday, January 21, 2008

A Great Weekend

Other than the frigid temperatures, this was a great weekend in St. Louis. I was visiting a friend there and we had the chance to journey to the top of the arch. I guess its official name is the Gateway Arch as part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, which stands 630 feet tall and is 630 feet wide (an interesting tidbit for you). The ride to the top of the arch takes less than 10 minutes, but the capsule that you ride in to the top is very small, so you can't be claustrophobic.

We also toured the Budweiser brewery and one of the local TV stations there in St. Louis. It's always interesting to see how others get things done and to see their setup.

Looking at the new data tonight, temperatures will be going up as we get closer to the weekend. I normally like winter weather and forecasting snow, but wow, some 60 and 70 degree weather would sure feel nice right now.


Ty said...

Hey bud, glad to see your back safe and that you had a good time in St Louie. I'll email you separate about your trip.

I'm also glad to see that we've continued to have a lot of activity here on your blog, it was scarce there for awhile. It's been great blogging with such awesome people. Do you happen to know if we are hitting any records for # of comments for your blog yet, just curious if you tracked that?

You definately can start predicting warmer weather this way, forget the snow, freezin' rain...I'm done, ok I've been done! Oh by the way for those tracking with me, 57 days until SPRING!!!! I can't wait, it will be here fast, but not fast enough. Hope the new data doesn't change Ross.

Also to update you Ross, you missed a great concert, if you didn't read our previous reviews! Melissa great pics btw...we only had our cam phones with us, I only have professional camera anymore and that wasn't allowed for the show, so we were stuck with our crappy cam phone pics. Your pics are so much better, thanks for sharing! I also request an add for you on myspace aswell.

Shelly I agree that the Keith and Carrie concert on 03/06/08 (two days before my birthday, damn I am feelin' old) would be a great one to attend! Just FYI, it's $72.50 per ticket for all seating except upper level is $62.50 and of course that is before the service charge.

What's everyone have going on this weekend? I just know I don't have to work at Petsmart (my part-time job) this weekend!

Well I'm off to bed, early morning and I already wrote a novel! Drive safe tomorrow everyone...side streets and parking lots are going to be SLICK!!!!

Jon said...

Can't wait for the warmer weather that has been predicted for the end of the week. I am ready for something other than freezing temps as highs, but at least the bug population should be kept in check.

Glad that you had a weekend off to enjoy. Have a great week to you and everyone else blogging.


Stacy said...

Welcome back Ross! Sounds like you had a great time, we missed you though. Glad you made it home safely. The roads have been pretty bad, so warmer weather would be welcomed. Spring cannot get here fast enough!

Have a great rest of the week!

Anonymous said...

I agree that the concert on Friday was great. My friends and I had a blast. I also agree that the Keith/Carrie concert should be a great one to attend as well. I actually have second row tickets for that concert. But I need to get through the Reba/Kelly concert first.

As for the weather....I wish it would hurry and get warm again.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it remarkable how much better the beer at the brewery is rather than beer that has set for months on the store shelf????

Anonymous said...

Hey Ross! I'm glad you're back and that you had fun in St. Louis! We definately missed you around here! The weather yesterday evening was horrible! It took me an hour and a half to get home from work, when it usually takes me 40-45 min! There were accidents all over the place...darn ice! I'm definately ready for some warmer weather too! Is that going to be happening anytime soon?

Melissa said...

On my lunch break from the vet clinic so I thought I would check in. Its FREEZING out today! I'm done with the cold weather as well! Glad you had a good time in St Louis, Ross.

I heard the tickets for Carrie and Keith were pretty high.. I doubt I will end up going to that one unless I somehow win tickets on the radio or something. (the concert is two days AFTER my birthday, Ty)

Well, better start bundling up so I can take my dog out before I head back to work.. Savin lives! haha Have a good day ya'll!

Anonymous said...

The weekend weather is not the same when you are out. Please don't take any more time away from work.

shelly said...

Ross, it was so good to see you back on Tuesday, and I sure hope Merrill is feeling better. His voice sure was gettin bad on Monday night! I'm glad you had a great time in St. Louis. I have been there a few times, and it is a fun city, so I know you had plenty of fun!

Ok, Ty and Melissa both have birthdays coming around the Keith/Carrie show! How cool is that! Thanks for letting us know the prices Ty. I hadn't gone to the web site to find out. I am very jealous of the anonymous person that has second row seats AND tickets to Reba/Kelly! I know that you'll have a great time at both!

I love Petsmart by the way, I just wish I had the strength to take both golden retrievers in at the same time. I'm afraid they would destroy the place before I could get through the front door. By the way Ross...the dogs aren't too happy with the cold weather. It really cuts in to their walking time!! They also wonder why Millie hasn't been on lately!

Everyone have a safe week, and keep praying for those warmer temps!!!

Ty said...

Hey all,

Well I'm still waiting for the warmer weather...guess patience isn't a virtue of mine. Looks like it will be windy and rainy here in the next couple days...ewww!

Stacy that is a great pic of you with your nephew, congrats on being an aunt, that's awesome!

Melissa, that is cool that our birthdays are that close, nice to meet another Pisces !

Shelly I agree with you on being jealous with Anonymous #1; going to all these great concerts and having such great seats to Carrie/Keith. Well Anonymous #1 I do hope you have a great time! Let us know!

I also agree with Anonymous #2 that the beverages at the Brewery taste so much better than the shelves, although I'd have to go with the Coors over Budweiser, but thats just MY preference. I'm sure this could strike a whole new debate?!?!

Also Shelly regarding PetsMart, you'd be surprised how many pet parents come in all the time with their animals and get frustrated by their behavior/excitement to all the new smells. I would suggest you also look into training, which is offered there by some great trainers (no I'm not a trainer) and it is 100% guaranteed. Training does make a tremendous difference, not only for the pet, but the pet parent. It is nice to be able to enjoy your pet, whether it is time at home, walking your animals and/or showing off how well behaved YOUR "children" can be, it is a great feeling and believe me, people do acknowledge their behavior!

Have a great day EVERYONE!

Ross, anything you can do to push the warmth here quicker would be appreciated! (wink)

Stacy said...

Woohoo! At least the sun is out today. Good to see you last night on the news Ross!

Thanks for the compliment Ty. I'm sure working at PetSmart is a blast. I would love seeing all the different pets that get to come in. I'm sure time flies when you're working there.

Ty said...

Hello Anonymous #1, you know who you are with all those great concert tickets. I got your email, thanks for saying hello, you seem nice aswell.

I agree Stacy, the sun was out today and it felt GRRREAT, but I hesitate to use the word warm (as in warmer) in association with today? Any thought?!?!? HA HA HA!

I work at the west PetsMart store here in Wichita and yes it definately is a fun place to work! SO many different dog breeds, but we have also been visited by cats, cockatoos, cockatiels, rabbits, squirrels, lizards, and other various animals of various ages! I used to work at the Sedgwick County Zoo too, so not much suprises me, but I enjoy animals. At the zoo I even had someone bring me a bat, which turned out being rabied. Interesting I know, but thats another story in itself!

On that note, have a great night ALL! I'm headed home!

Melissa said...

Speaking of Petsmart, I was going to head out there with my dog to get him some food and then saw the weather.. "coldest night of the week." Needless to say, my nice warm house was a better option. (plus he has enough food to last a few more days =)
On a better not, it's gonna warm up this weekend!! Not nearly as warm as we all would like I'm sure, but I'm really not going to complain. At least its not getting colder!!
Stacy, your nephew is adorable!!!! Congrats! The best thing about being an aunt is you can spoil them and send them back to their parents LOL.
Okay, well, gonna go make some hot chocolate and snuggle up on the couch with Rodeo (my dog). Have a good night!!

marisa said...

Ty, you used to work at the zoo? How long ago? I have a good friend that worked there for a while until she moved about a year ago.

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